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Dec. 30th, 2007

[HP] Are You Serious Ron


Mario Party DS

So, now that it's out, what are your opinions? Does it live up to your expectations? Is the Mario Party franchise stretching itself a little thin?

I, for one, really enjoy the game. The mini-games really take advantage of the capabilities of the DS, AND they're fun and even challenging. I found that in a few of the other games, the mini-games were incredibly easy. And, the computer always seemed to be much too easy. It appears to me that in Mario Party DS, the computer's a little harder than in the past. It's not extremely easy to win anymore.

Jan. 30th, 2007

personal - pink


(no subject)

It's funny because it's true.

Also: I miss Mario Party. ):

Jul. 4th, 2006

siberian husky, wink


115 Icons and 6 "color" bars

post contains:
Amber Tamblyn/The sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Gilmore Girls
Failure to Launch
Johnny Depp
Mario Party
What Not to Wear


The rest of the icons can be found here at ruby_icons

Jun. 30th, 2006



(no subject)

i think mario should make a mario party 8, and 9

May. 20th, 2006

[HP] Are You Serious Ron



For everyone in the community...

1) What character(s) do you love the most?

2) What character(s) do you hate the most?

3) Any pairings?

I'm just having questions, and this community has pretty much been dead for...forever. Yeah...Tyler, take control!

For me...

1) I love, love, LOVE Daisy. LOVE. She's my favorite Mario character out of all of them, and she kicks major ass. srsly.

2) Peach. Must. Die. Toad too because he's a whore. ...even though I like Toad sometimes. And Peach is okay if there's no Daisy, but...she's so...annoying and evil and she's trying to take Mario.

3) Daisy and Mario, all the way! Luigi and Peach as well.

...I have too much time on my hands.

Mar. 18th, 2006




Hi, I'm new here, and I've got Mario Party 1-4. I've been a huge fan of MP ever since the first time I saw MP1 at blockbusters before they started showing commercials. So I really love it. My favorite character is Daisy, but when I get MP7, it will be her and Toadette.

I think it's just the tomboy-ness Daisy has that has led me to loving her. But um... no one can beat me at Tick Tock Hop (Mario Party 3). Not even a level Hard Peach. (I always use Yoshi, Mario, and Peach as a computer xD). I'm still waiting for someone to defeat me both in Tick Tock Hop and Vine Swing. I love those mini-games, always the champion. I hope sometime I'll get a good challenger! ^-^

But um... yeah. I hope to be good friends with all of you. Just one teeny question... who's your favorite Mario Party character?

Mar. 12th, 2006


Shy Guy Says....wtf!!!

Does anybody else notice how shy guy says is such a cheater? Everytime my friend and I play the shy guy says mini game he always cheats us out of winning and says we push the other button when we obvioulsy pushed the right one. Its not the controllers eithrer, we've also noticed its on mario party 1 and 2. WTF!

Dec. 22nd, 2005

personal - pink


(no subject)

Oooh, I just remembered something you guys would find interesting. =D

A group of friends and I are going to Katsucon in February, and we have assembled the best cosplay team ever: we're going as EGL/EGA Mario Party characters! EGL basically means Elegant Gothic Lolita, and EGA means Elegant Gothic Aristocrat...so essentially, we're gothing out Mario Party characters. I'm going as Goth!Daisy, and my friends Matt and Carson are going as Goth!Toad and Goth!Toadette. Some other people I don't know are doing Goth!Yoshi and Goth!Peach...but I'm excited to see how my Daisy turns out.

And of course, this will be the first place pictures are posted. <3

Aug. 10th, 2005



Mario Party

For thr first Mario Party, has anyone played Boswer's map?

Aug. 4th, 2005




Hello everyone! I'm new here. Nice to meet you (whoever it is).

Anyways... I think something's wrong with my Mario party. For example, I play with my friend, and we used peach as a computer and for fun, we went to see how bad the easy computers went but oddly, Peach was on crazy cutters and she won with an 98... on easy mode!? I was shocked and thought that she was rigged. o.o

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