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[HP] Are You Serious Ron

mcaries in marioparties


For everyone in the community...

1) What character(s) do you love the most?

2) What character(s) do you hate the most?

3) Any pairings?

I'm just having questions, and this community has pretty much been dead for...forever. Yeah...Tyler, take control!

For me...

1) I love, love, LOVE Daisy. LOVE. She's my favorite Mario character out of all of them, and she kicks major ass. srsly.

2) Peach. Must. Die. Toad too because he's a whore. ...even though I like Toad sometimes. And Peach is okay if there's no Daisy, but...she's so...annoying and evil and she's trying to take Mario.

3) Daisy and Mario, all the way! Luigi and Peach as well.

...I have too much time on my hands.


Take control? Of what? This community's dead, but it's the only Mario Party community around, so...

1. Yoshi, of course, and Boo. Toadette because of her freakin sweet hair. Waluigi's cool too.
2. I never really liked Wario that much...
3. Yoshi/Toadette. Mua.
shpff, you can still save it, you lazy...boi.

1. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. ...boo to Yoshi, and...blah to Boo because you can't say BOO to BOO. wtf. I lose. Waluigi is blah. Toadette...mmm.
2. Wario's disgusting
3. Shpff.
1. Daisy! Hell yeah! Yoshi and Boo are cute too, but Daisy mostly. Toadette's...all right.
2. PEACH MUST DIE! Toad is an ugly! And he's annoying! Die WARIO AND WALUIGI! There pervs! PERVS!
3. Daisy X Luigi! Mario X Pauline! Peach X NO ONE! HAHAHA!
Hey everyone. Um...
1) Daisy. Cuz she kick's major ass!
2) Peach and Waluigi because there freakin ugly!
3) MarioXPauline LuigiXPlum PeachXWaluigi

If anyone here despises Peach and Waluigi, I have some anti communites about them.


1. Donkey Kong in MP 1-4, Luigi in 5 & 6, and Dry Bones in 7 & 8. (I'd play as DK in all of them but you can't play as him after MP4)
2. HATE the Wario Bros!!! Also strongly dislike Hammer Bro in MP8
3. Donkey Kong and Yoshi or Dry Bones and Boo, or of course Mario and Luigi.
Mario Party

December 2007

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