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Jul. 22nd, 2005

[HP] Are You Serious Ron


Good news

I forgot to tell you guys...

We found an adaptor thing for N64's for ten bucks that if we buy, can make our N64 work again! THAT WOULD MEAN MARIO PARTY 1 AND 2 AGAIN!


We haven't bought it...but I want it badly. I miss our N64. Half of the games don't work, though...and I'm not sure if the Mario Parties even STILL work.

Let's hope.

May. 31st, 2005

mom kris


(no subject)

i played a game of mario party 6 last nite with my friend james. i played as yoshi, he was luigi, and the computer was toadette and daisy. we played on "snowflake lake". as of the end of the playing, this was what everyone had:
yoshi: 4 stars, 85 coins
toadette: 7 stars, 9 coins
daisy: 5 stars, 58 coins
luigi: 4 stars, 139 coins
then, the bonus stars were given:
minigame star: luigi
orb star:daisy
action star: toadette and luigi
so the winner was.....toadette, followed by luigi, daisy, and then yoshi last :(
this was the first game i played that i was in dead last for most of the game, and at the end. yoshi was having an off day.

May. 25th, 2005

personal - pink


(no subject)

I bought Mario Party 3 the other day to complete the original trio--and have decided to start the whole game over from scratch.

I wish I weren't so bad at the mini-games. I play against my sister, and the computer always wins.

So...favorite board in that one? Any hints?


Apr. 26th, 2005

personal - pink




So they have Mario Party plushies! The only catch....


*cries* I want a plushie Daisy. That would make my universe.

Apr. 23rd, 2005

[HP] Are You Serious Ron



Okay, so I'm pretty much addicted to Mario Party. I have since the first came out. My favorite boards are the country one in MP2, the horror one in MP2, and the Yoshi's Island one in MP1. Sorry, haven't played them in YEARS, so I forgot the names. I'm going to try them soon, so be prepared if I rant about them being dead.

I got five a while ago, and it's not as good as the old ones. oh, well.

I play only as Daisy or Luigi, and if it's the early ones I play as Peach or Luigi. I hate Peach, but whatever. She's rich.

Soo... Hi!

Apr. 10th, 2005

personal - pink


*waves* Hello!

Yaaay. This community has made my night. =D

At college, we get bored easily. So what do we do? We play Mario Party. So much so, in fact, that my screen name is party star elyse [Say hi if you want, I'm always on :D]. We play so much that we scare people away. I don't know why, I mean...it's just Mario Party.

Personally, I always play as Daisy. Unless it's MP1 or MP2, then I play as Peach. Personally, I like Daisy better in just about every Mario game...her taunts are cooler, her win-poses are cooler...I just wish she were in more games.

Because we're in college, though, we're bound to have sick minds. Therefore we tend to have some rather inappropriate names for both Daisy and the Peach...but since I'd rather not get kicked out, I'll gladly refrain from telling you them unless you really want to hear. They're not too bad, but still. Kidlets should not be subject to them.

A friend of mine named her tattoo after Daisy. My boyfriend bought me an N64 just so that I could play the original Mario Parties, although he was only able to find 1 & 2--I'm still avidly looking for 3. (:

So yeah, Mario Party is my life. What about you guys?

Mar. 23rd, 2005

to do list


(no subject)

hello ;) my name is nicole and i <3 marioparty parties. I always play dk, or since he hasnt been a character the last two marioparties i settle with boo &toadette. umm i also play with sweetspell24, who is a member here and also frezzafutures . thats about it

Mar. 22nd, 2005

mom kris


(no subject)

hello. i just found this community doing a search for yoshi. i play mario party with my friends all the time! i love it! its my favorite game ever! i always play as yoshi, cuz he is the greatest!

Mar. 11th, 2005

this is what i deserve


(no subject)

hi, my name is sharon. my little brother made me play mario party, and i've been hooked since!

it keeps my mind off..


please don't ban me tyler, i really thought we had a lot in common.

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